Showdown in Shiprock: BHP v Dine’ CARE

The Shiprock Chapter meeting started about an hour ago. It’s now 1:25 pm and Chapter Prez Dune “Chili” Yazzie finished reading the Dine’ CARE’s proposed resolution that asks the Shiprock community to support them in their opposition of the purchase of BHP coal mine by the Navajo government/Council.

Yazzie read the resolution in English and he is now translating it into the Navajo language.

Here is the link to the roposed Dine’ CARE resolution:

Please excuse any grammatical/spelling errors cuz I’m writing as fast as I can and my wifi went out and then it came back on again. It was really raining here and has stopped. I’ll keep blogging & if I lose my wifi, I’ll post my notes and photos later.

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