$1.6M for Navajo Chapters’ Emergency Plans; Changing Council Rules; NHA Board; Supporting Haaland: On Naabik’iyati Agenda, 10 am, 3.11.21

It is now 6:21 pm, 3.11.21, and Naabi continues to Debate/Amend Legislation 0318-20, which are Amendments to the Navajo Nation Council & its Standing Committees Rules of Order, which includes the Navajo Nation Ethics in Rules Law Code of Conduct for ALL Elected Navajo officials. It is now 12:08 pm. Once again, Navajo Nation Council […]

Navajo Rez Flood Update

Community residents of Lake Valley, N.M., a small remote Navajo Reservation community near Chaco Canyon, NM, were notified this evening that the main highway near their area was being shut down because of dangerous road conditions caused by flash floods. NM highway 371 runs north and south and extends from Interstate 40 to Farmington, NM. […]