Shiprock Chapter supports Chili Yazzie for standing up for Shiprock & Navajo Reservation


Agenda item 8-C: Request for Navajo Attorney General Harrison Tsosie for Opinion on Navajo Council Delegates charges with violations.
Money is scary and overpowering. And when someone misuses funds, it’s going to be known and in the future you will be caught. I survived it and now I’m free. The Delegates charges with criminal complaints for misusing discretionary funds does not include our Council Delegate Russell Begaye.
This resolution talks about ethics and that is about honesty. It’s like spam. You take out your money to pay for it and when you get more change than what you should, then you give back and that is ethics. And ethics is law so we as elected officials have to be very careful in our jobs.
We expect our Council Delegates to follow the law. That is why we voted for them.
These leaders, how will think about them? We shud have good thots. OUr leaders are suppose to be higher than us. we shouldn’t be lying and conniving. And we expect that of our leaders. And so all the people that were elected shud lead good lives and not be accused of wrongdoing because they live in “glass house.” And whatever you do and say is remembered by the pple. And I don’t want pple to think badly of me.
And the main thing is our children. We work for these little ones. They look up to us.
And this resolution addresses “Council delegates who have been charged with crimes against the Navajo Nation and thus the Dine’ peole, including misuse of Navajo monies, conspiracy, fraud and abuse of office.” The discretionary funds were for the most needy of the Navajo people.
The funds were for the children but these Delegates would write checks for each other’s families. One delegate wud write check for another delegate’s family and in return that delegate would write a check for that delegate’s family.
I kow Speaker Johnny Naize and I told him that what he did was wrong and that he lied to the people and cheated the people.
We expected them to be good Delegates but they misued the funds. These charges are true because there are documents.
This resolution also addresses that “although there appears to be no policy guide on how Delegates who are so charged should be treated, the Navajo Personnel Policies Manual Table of Penalties prescribes how employees would be dealt with when they commit misuse of Navajo funds, solicitation and acceptance of kickbacks, falsification of Nation record, fraud and/or

I was told not to even ask Attorney General Tsosie cuz he will advice in favor of the Council. But let’s see if he is for the Council or people/law.

We hear on the internet and newspapers about the criminal charges against Speaker Naize and some Council delegates so here you will see me on Dec. 23, 2013, when the Council was voting on getting rid of Navajo sovereignty. That’s when I stood up. When something is bothering you, it gets you up. And I was thinking, should I do it, can I do it. I wasn’t planning on doing it. I found myself saying it. And now you will watch the video and those were my concerns when I said this.


When you say “out of order” you are protesting the procedures by approving a resolution so what I was saying was that it was not right. the Navajo people’s authority is higher than Council so I think I followed what is the Navajo people’s authority. I talked powerfully from another angle and you will see that now.


Chili recognizes Larry Emerson, his older brother, who stood with him in the Council, when Chili called the Council “out of order.” And when I stood up, maybe it was not appropriate but from my standpoint, I felt that I was speaking out for the future of our children. And some of you may be thinking, “I didn’t elect Chili to do that.” But my work has pushed to talk for my people. How is it that I speak for the people and the people who elected me can’t make up their minds. If they think that what I did was not what you elected me to do then I am asking you now to tell me, what you think.

We need someone to stand up to the giant. I went over there and they didn’t even ask questions. And they don’t do budget work. What is the first thing that you ask when someone wants to do work on your house? HOW MUCH? But Council didn’t even ask how much Bond/Loan for Navajo Transitional Energy Company would cost annually. To me, President Chili did nothing wrong. He is talking for whole Navajo Reservation and children. We need to conserve our money for our grandchildren. We will not have any money, the way the Council is spending money.

I support you. (Audience applauds) The non-Navajos fight over our natural resources. I like what you did. And you didn’t do it just for Shiprock Chapter but whole Navajo Reservation. At Sanostee, it’s not good when Council delegate Jerry Bodie returns to Chapter and calls security. Thank you. And we need some new Council delegates, ones that have not stole.

You spoke in good way. We are hungry for individual who speaks Navajo and prays in Navajo. When you speak Navajo, you know Navajo ways and Navajo thot and maybe that is why in Window Rock they only speak English. There is no mutton smell. We are always speaking Navajo and when you educate you use words that enlighten.

When it is said in Navajo, it moves me. It is effective. Our whole world is Navajo. White man looks at water and coal in different way from Navajo. The council shud be arguing for us. And the uneducated elders said don’t go to school, don’t speak English in front of me. English is what we make our livihood in. When you have language, pple are pleading with you, Check on Your Children, teach them Navajo!

I ask why are we always being used for our resources and the electricity goes to big cities instead of us. It’s time our government takes care of us first. Our pple don’t have electricity and running water. They are taking away our next generation ability to go forward.

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