The People need to put Brakes on Navajo Council


(Shiprock Prez) Chili Yazzie, I look up to you as hero. (Navajo Council Delegate) Russell (Begaye), I look up to you as leader. First we are Navajo. OUr thots are Navajo…the speaking, the thinking. It starts with our prayers. It’s about life. That is what makes us Navajo. We speak up for Mother Earth. The elders taught us to speak up in that way, even if it is for plant that is harmful. So if you harm Mother Earth, it will return and hurt you. If you don’t know anything about it, don’t handle it. And our elders said what is medicine bundle? Long, long ago, our elders talked about the dangers of uranium and chemicals. When the uranium is mixed with chemicals and when coal is burned, it becomes dangerous. You are the leaders because you are Navajo, you are the laws and how you proceed into Life is your’s. The leaders belong to you and so you have the right to stand up and speak up for yourself. When you want to make change, there are prayers, there are stories. And there are Four Elements for a good life. They work together for a good life. Now how is it? Our leaders are running, no brakes. How do we make brakes for them? I expect something good to happen from here. And even if the Attorney General advices against the removal of the Council Delgates, there is the Navajo Supreme Court. And I told the youth on my Facebook that I was coming here to Shiprock and I urged everyone to come here too.

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