Proposed Navajo Council legislation to Pardon Navajo Election Board added to Naabik’iyati Committee

Here at Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee, where Committee member/Delegate Leonard Tsosie asked to have his legislation added to today’s Naabi agenda. Tsosie’s legislation is, 0391-14 An Action Relating to Naa’bik’iyati’ and Navajo Nation Council; Pardoning Navajo Board of Election Supervisors From Any Violations of Law in the Performance of Their Work in Presiding Over the 2014 Election Including Indirect Civil Contempt Findings and Reinstating the Named Individuals To Their Offices as Navajo Board of Election Supervisors.

The Naabi Committee vote to add 0391-14 was 6 in favor, 5 opposed and so 0391-14 is on the Naabi agenda.

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