Naabik’iyati Committee removes proposed Fort Wingate, NM, Land Division Act from its agenda today

Here at Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee, where the committee continues to adopt their proposed agenda.

Committee member/Delegate Dwight Witherspoon motions to Delete Legislation No. 0122-140122-14: Relating to Resources and Development and Naabik’iyati’ Committees; Accepting the Fort Wingate Taskforce Memorandum Supporting H.R. 3822 The “Fort Wingate Land Division Act of 2014”; and 2 Documenting the Navajo Nation’s Support of U.S. House Bill H.R. 3822 The “Fort Wingate Land Division Act of 2014” (Sponsors: Honorable Danny Simpson, Honorable Leonard Tsosie)

Committee vote to Delegate 0122-14 from agenda, 8 in favor, 4 opposed

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