Navajo Prez and Spkr Naize: Look at me!

This is pretty hilarious; Navajo President Ben Shelly just announced that he’s having a Signing Ceremony today, at noon, at his office. Shelly’s signing ceremony will also involve the Energy Policy that the Council approved on Oct. 22. He’ll also sign the $4.1 million for Navajo Transitional Energy Company, LLC, that has been sitting on his desk since the Council approved it on Oct. 16. I’m not sure how Prez will sign Energy Policy at noon when Speaker Naize is having his noon signing ceremony for Energy Policy and Speaker needs to have his signature on Energy Policy before Prez signs. Plus, it appears that Prez Shelly will be signing Energy Policy without reading/reviewing it. Prez really is showing how much he is foaming at the mouth for Energy Policy.

Here’s Prez Shelly’s press release:
Contact: Erny Zah
Director of Communications
Cell: (928) 380-0771

For Immediate Release
Oct. 24, 2013


Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly Expected to Sign Energy Related Legislations

President Ben Shelly is expected to sign two separate legislations today shortly after 12 p.m. today. One creates the Navajo Nation Energy Policy of 2013 and the other allocates $4.1 million to Navajo Transitional Energy Company to continue efforts to acquire Navajo Mine from BHP- Billiton.

WHO: Ben Shelly, President of The Navajo Nation

WHAT: Signing of two legislations; Navajo Nation Energy Policy and Navajo Transitional Energy Company legislation.

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 24, 12 p.m.

WHERE: Office of the President and Vice President
State Room
Window Rock, Ariz.

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