Navajo EPA: Support TWG

Ckitzens climate lobby, Sierra Club, Physcians for Social REsponsibility
(Female, didn’t catch name)
NGS emits huge amounts of pollution. Utilities buy wind cheaper than coal.
only place that has more sun than we do is Aruba and Az cud get 26 percent solar. 25,000 acres of land sche 6,000 megawatt solar, 30,000 temp construction jobs.
tired of mealey mouth excuses for delaying clean up to continue using our air as toilet.

Govt relationship with tribes and govt promised thru treaties and pledges to support and protect Nativer Ams but funding of programs fallen short. Native Americans have been discrimated against. Ntavie suffer substandard housing, diseases, education, etc.
Federal funding has increased but not enough for decline in spending power. to overcome long history of neglect, federal govt neds to support natives and raise standard of living.
Reprot, Civil Rights 2003, commissioned by Prez Clinton and submitted to Prex Bush but by that time in war and unmet needs wud have been met by those fund that were now going to war.
Navajo govt created. NGS crated with Sierra Club compromise.
TWG opportunity for Navajo to sit at table, opportunity to sit face to face and lacks in federal govt decision making. Worked with colleagues and support TWG.

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