It is job destruction to go with coal

The ppple living near NGS are suffering for our cheap power and water. EPA support ur BART.
We store this water in big resovoirs so CAP adaptable to solar. i’m retired and on social security and willing to pay higher rates cuz of true cost of coal.
tonight we are not talking about granchildren. We need to move forward now and not wait until 2013.

CHRIS WARD, Water users association southern Az
over 100,000 acre feet of Az water and neded for sound development of state. EPA BART rule wud place ec burden on members and customers as users of CAP water. So strongly ask EPA adopt TWG BART.
We believe TWG gives greater certainty to NGS and better for water users.

RUSSELL LOWES, Sierra club southern Az
Prefer EPA BART. no reason delay. did number of trips to Grand Canyon that lasted several weeks. More haze from NGS than natural dust.
And i want to talk jobs cuz pple say there is job creation. Coal averages 6 jobs per million invested. If put off solar, then lose jobs. Jobs argument is bogus. It is job destruction to go with coal.
Quicker go to solar and wind, the more jobs this economy hve and grat to put in Navajo. Cud put Navajo in job transition.

ROBERT BULACHECK, enrgy consultant
We all need health air. I’m concerned about health. yes revenues and jobs from NGS are great but there is also harm. Why wud it evr make sense to spend money and delay. Spnd money now and reduce pollution.
I’m new to process but instead of spending billions to reduce pollutants, why not use to invest into solar and wind. Utitlies shud compensate pple being harmed but do in way to transition into solar and wind.

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