Don’t let corporations make enemies of us

TWG’s BART has wrong numbers on amount of Nitrogen Oxide from Navajo Generating Station.
NOx causes bronchitis which is hurting Navajo people, especially children.
TWG created in secret. Didn’t find out until many days after. TWG shud be struck as illegal.

Navajo, citizen of US, tax payer, voter. UMWA member, employed Peabody 39 years and supply coal to NGS and power supply to southern cities and portions of Southwest.
Using Clean Air Act is not answer. By limiting jobs to Indian Nation striving to attain economic stability. Navajo is sovereign nation and shud not be imposed upon by EPA, a federal entity, with federal laws that wud destroy jobs and close down NGS which also sits on our Homeland and is important to us all.

Regional haze is unhealthy. Worked at Jim Brigger in wyoming. proud union retiree, worked in coal mine. What does Sierra Club have in common with miners. We all want health communities for kids. We all want good life. See lot of hostility so what is common ground. We shudn’t fight each other but we shudn’t delay wat neds to be done. Understand talk of evil govt but it’s corporate and large busineses that keep us under thumbs and destiny. We have work together for healthy communities.
Wen worked in mines down here we had dust control measure and at night when pollution monitor pple gone, they wud turn off pumps cuz too expensive. Don’t let corporations make enemies of us.

ANTHY SMITH, Benal County supervisor
SUPPORT TWG. evn though hunderds of miles from NGS, pple of Benal county have great interest in NGS cuz of water that comes from Central Az Project which is powered by NGS. Other tribes in this area rely on CAP water. For Benal county its all about water deliver.

retired and worked for US public health, training experiences all part of public health. EPA not water down regs for NGS. Az deserve same pollution protections as other pple from old coal plants.

represnt 1,000 and EPA cost jobs, raise water rates for 80 percent of Arizonians and increase in CAP rates that create economic burden. TWG meets NOx levels. EPA support TWG.

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