Kayenta coal miners at EPA hearing in Tucson

365 YEARS a hear, 75 miles one way, sometimes 16 hours, not just work, also farmer as Hopi. Carrying on HOpi tradition. Lose $117 m if mine closes in wages, health care. Also lose mining tradition. I’ve heard pple w misinformation in past hearings, from LeChee and Phx. Kayenta Mine has no slurry. Only slurry was Black Mesa mine. Coal shipped by electric rail to NGS. On options, I want EPA and different entities involved in decision making, ask go with most viable and economic option.

Navajo coal miner at Peabody Kayenta Mine, feeds NGS w low sulphur coal, made mark in 1800s for jobs, royalties and improve life for pple. Times have changed. We workers are middle class workers and Prez Obama has promised to help middle class. Rich gets richer. Govt passes more regs. If lok at govt agency u see more and more regs and makes more difficult for businesses and so businesses move out where wages under $1.
Middle class getting expensive and can’t compete with other workers outside US. Who knows if govt keeps this up. On Navajo Nation, unemployment high. Sometimes think Navajo third world country. So ask u to understand our condition and rez. Can’t feed family serving burgers and greeting pple at door.
Vehicles polluters and see in Tuscon and Phx skies. Ask EPA support TWG.

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