Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee loses quorum

Here at Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee which got started about 11:15 am. The proposed RDC AGENDA is pretty lengthy.

When I arrived at the Navajo Council Chamber, the RDC was listening to a Report from the Littlewater Chapter on the discrepancies with legal land descriptions involving records of the Navajo Area Bureau of Indian Affairs and the chapter and the impacts to power line infrastructure by Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc. The RDC tabled the Report until more documents were obtained.

The RDC then went into Executive Session to hear from their legislative attorney on the status of the lawsuit that Navajo Housing Authority filed against the RDC regarding the oversight authority of the RDC over NHA and the appointment of individuals to the NHA Board which has several members with expired terms, including former Navajo Nation Vice President Ed T. Begay, who is serving as the NHA Board president.

The RDC came out of executive session after about an hour and voted 3 in favor, 0 opposed on the report.

And now the RDC is hearing a report from the Office of the President and Vice President Staff Assistant Geri Harrison on the status of tribal Boards and Commissions.

Navajo Agricultural Products Industry Board:
Ed T. Begay ended recently. Alfonzo, Glen Chee and Gina Benally recently confirmed. Ervin Chavez represent District 17.
We’ve done extensive interviewing and will be submitting new appointments. Some of NAPI board members asked to be reappointed.
All members remain on Boards/Commissions until replaced.

Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority
Enrolled Navajo members, experience/knowledge in construction related fields. New appointment Richard Bowman for four years term. Pete Ken Etcitty four year term. Tom Tso term ends 2016. Richard T. Begaey, Ernest Hubbell ends 2016.

Navajo Technical College Board:
Tom Platero expired term. Delores Greyeyes. Rosyln John. Dr. Carol Thomas represents Shiprock. In plan of operation, Dwight Carlson as student president serves on board.

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority w 7 members: four enrolled Navajo who speak Navajo with backgrounds in management. William Cyget, Sidney Deets expired. Jack Carnbrofalo, Brenda Eracho, Delegate Leonard Tsosie term exired. RDC confirms appointments. Nominations presented to RDC.

For some of Boards and Commissions, president not involved in selection.

Navajo Broadcast Enterprise which is KTNN, five members with braodcast. Geneva Johnson 2016. Sylvia Laughter term expired. Got letter from Robbins on reappointment and asked for updated resume.

Navajo Shopping Center, five from five agencies with 10 yrs of business experience, expertise in law and shopping center industry. Peggy Scott expired. Denise Canyon Tuba City agency. Casey Watchman western agency. Fort Defiance Agency vacant.

Navajo Hospitality Board: No employee from governmentserve on Board. Lorenzo Maxx, RDC Katherine Benally, RDC George Apachito.

Navajo Gaming Enterprise Board
All members knowledge of gaming experience, 25 yrs, bachelor degree, no other board member, no public official, must have gaming license…
Shawn McCabe, Marlene Curley, jack Jackson, Martin Leberman representing juris doctorate resigned. Quincey Natay resigned and now works for gaming enterprise. There are vacancies.

Navajo Housing Authority Board
One Navajo, no more than two delegates, one present homebuyer, one from each of five agencies, experience in local government. These members are selected Ed T. Bagay, Leila Help Tully…All terms have expired.

Labor Commission information unavailable but all their terms expired and replaced when new appointment made.

In Gaming Enterprise Board, it says no public official but Jack Jackson is as public as any official. he cud jeopardize agreement with National Indian Gaming Association.

We took a look at that and he was issued gaming license. He was Az Senator but now in Washington, D.C. He never attended gaming meetings and there is proposed legislation to replace him.

ED T. Begay serves on several Boards/Commissions.

Ed T. Begay’s terms on NHA and NAPI have both expired and he will not be reappointed.

RDC lost a quorum and so RDC is out of session at 1:08 pm I’m trying to get copy of OPVP report on Boards/Commissions. The individual who was making report, Geri Harrison, spoke really fast and I did my best to keep up with her. Well, I did video tape her and so I’ll post the video tape as soon as I get home. So stay tuned.

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