Is URI leading Navajo elected officials around?

Navajo Council’s Subcommittee on Navajo-URI uranium agreement meeting in north conference room of Council chamber in Window Rock. It is now 5:01 pm

Subcommittee Delegate Leonard Pete says that field visits are important. We also need to listen to presentation before shoot it down and find out how will work with it.

Subcommittee Delegate L. Tsosie says Delegate Edmund Yazzie wants subcommittee to visit home. And presentation from Navajo Nation on uranium matters so we cud look at whole thing. Other thing is transportation safety so URI provide presentation and who is responsible.

Delegate L. Tsosie says he doesn’t know if he should recognize Leona Morgan because she made false statements about him. But he says he’ll swallow his concern.

LEONA Morgan, community member, says he didn’t read her article because she reported that she asked him to do a site visit to a Texas community that was impacted by URI uranium mining. And so she said since she is hearing that URI will be taking RDC subcommittee to Texas that she be allowed to also take the subcommittee to a different site visit.

ANNA Rondon, Birth Cohort Study, says she works for CDC on a project that is studying the impact of uranium mining on babies, pregnant women and the impact of federal funding to the Birth Cohort Study needs to be considered.

Delegate L. Tsosie asks for copy of Birth Cohort Study.

Medicine person Bluehouse says his concern is about the Dine’ Fundamental Law and the voice of people that are suffering from the aftermath of uranium mining, the ones that are born deformed. I have seen it. Who is making that decision? URI? Is URI leading us around? If we are to be the leaders, we need to return to our ways and see through our ways. So let’s talk it out. And have the traditionalists at the table. We are going to usurp our Navajo way of life over Navajo government laws. Let’s look into the embers. That is the Navajo way of life, Dine’ Fundamental Law. Our people need safe place of research, safe homeland, health of humans and environment. And What do we do with waster material? WE try to put in ammunition and bury in salt mines. So what are we really doing here? That should be our fundamental question.

Subcommittee Delegate L. Tsosie replies that uranium waste is not our charge. Maybe we should invite federal officials.
Maybe we should also hear from Communities, Organizations.

I’d like to remind RDC subcommittee that there was an invitation from RDC subcommittee to meet with Eastern Navajo Dine’ Against Uranium Mining.

Subcommittee Delegate Leonard Pete recommends that communities and organization have time limit.

Subcommittee delegate L. Tsosie adds that presentation be scientific. And that community and organization presentation be 30 minutes.

March 17, 10 am to 5 pm, Navajo Museum, Window Rock, next meeting of RDC subcommittee

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