Navajo Council Delegate LoRenzo Bates’ platform for speaker
January 26, 2015 News Articles

Here at Navajo Council’s first day of their five-day Winter Session, where Council adopted their Agenda with a few changes to order of legislation.

The Council is now on Legislation 0005-15 An Action Relating To NAABIK’ IYATI’ And The Navajo Nation Council; Confirming _____________________As Speaker Of The 23rd Navajo Nation Council

Kee Allen Begay
Dwight Witherspoon
Lorenzo Bates
Walter Phelps
Alton Shepherd

Navajo government for and by Navajo people. And government is diverse. it reflects grandparents and their goals for us to learn outside education but also to maintain our navajo way. speaker must bring leadership, clear vision for future, integrity, honesty, attainable goals and priorities otherwise navajo government practice crisis management. my belief is that council act in best interest of navajo people by not segrating along state lines. there must be clear line of communiation with people, chapters, local government so pepole not travel to Window Rock to visit delgatges. let us give information to public in real time and we can do that. we purchased software to do that. the navajo general funds belong to people and so they must be used to provide assistance. the needs of the people are diverse and so policies must be amended for accurate and accountable delivery of services/funds/assistance. it is very important that navajo govt spends resources wisely and effectively. for example government spends large amount of funds on travel to meet with outside. staff of branches are backbone of any effective government. staff must be proficient in state, federal and tribal laws. staff must be expert in research for recommendations in timely matter. speaker must fill key postions for legislative branch. clerical staff are key for lawmakers to focus on needs of constituents. there are three branches and navajo government works for people and branch chiefs msut meet regularly. legislative process were implemented by me in assignment of legislation. often legislation went to president riddled with errors. under my watch, little or none were returned to legislative branch by president cuz of errors. legislative committees are to be praised. there is need for facilitation of committee structure. council delegates complained of meetings by other committees during Naabik’iyati Committee meetings. the leadership of navajo nation need to create framework on clear vision for today and future. council must focus on policies and not daily activities of divsions and departments. navajo people and land go hand in hand so important that people have full control of resources. council focus on national issues and people focus on local issues. advocacy is important and council must approve laws that reflect the voice of the people. the people are the governing body. executive branch administers day to day activities. courts must be independent and so they need adequate funding. border towns are also an issue of the council because the people shop there, do business there but they are treated unfairly and prices are unfair. self determination is limited when dependency flourishes from outside. losing focus on self determination and self sufficiency. economic development and economic reform cannot be ignored. intergovernmental relations is part of economic development and council must address flaws in economic development and even failure. council has opportunity to create clear vision for its people.

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