Navajo Council Delegate Dwight Witherspoon’s platform for speaker

Here at Navajo Council’s first day of their five-day Winter Session, where Council adopted their Agenda with a few changes to order of legislation.

The Council is now on Legislation 0005-15 An Action Relating To NAABIK’ IYATI’ And The Navajo Nation Council; Confirming _____________________As Speaker Of The 23rd Navajo Nation Council

Kee Allen Begay
Dwight Witherspoon
Lorenzo Bates
Walter Phelps
Alton Shepherd

My lineage includes John Witherspoon who signed Declaration of Independence. My father came to Navajo Rez in early 60s as LDS missionary to learn Navajo and he got his masters of doctorate off the rez so I grew up off the rez. My wife, Angela, is from Hard Rock. Five children, two elmentary. I grew up on a ranch. I herded sheep on chuska for grandmother. I grew up around livestock. I became an educator for 17 years, elmentary, middle school, high school, college level, principal. I have priorities, one is raise political clout. we saw where we stood when we went to ARizona Legislature. I’d like to raise accountablity. We need to train and promote our people. also we need to focus on strategic planning. and to raise clout, we need to get Navajo Nation on state and federal boards especially in on water commissions. we also need to network with other chambers of commerce, including Black, Hispanic, Native Amerian, to help each other. i’ve been conveying for two years that we ned DC office, lobbyists, brainstorm, make a committment to three items to raise political clout and when accomplish then identify three more. The establishment of task force is needed for Utah and New Mexico. what we are doing is not working effective enough, especially in Utah and ARizona. we also need to raise our communication among ourselves and the president with daily meetings before budget meetings and council sessions. we need regular financial reports from tribal divisions and investment committee. we need to address lAND status, land withdrawals, taxation, revising arizona taxes, tribal income tax, eliminate triple federal and state laws, partner with other tribes, transparency through social media about council. i want to establish culture of learning, accountability, transparency. promote and protect and praising staff and those advocating working. too often navajo nation employee gets blamed for everything. and focus on strategic planning based on navajo way to plan for nation’s need and bring departments together instead of departments speaking at each other. create culture of transparency, learning, kinship. the office talks about management of offices and there are a lot of offices and responsilbities. i recognize my colleagues that are nominated. i ask for your consideration because i believe i will be able to move our nation the most in the next two years with my leadership. end with motto, involves looking to higher power.

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