Navajo Council Delegate Kee Allen Begay’s platform

Here at Navajo Council’s first day of their five-day Winter Session, where Council adopted their Agenda with a few changes to order of legislation.

The Council is now on Legislation 0005-15 An Action Relating To NAABIK’ IYATI’ And The Navajo Nation Council; Confirming _____________________As Speaker Of The 23rd Navajo Nation Council

Kee Allen Begay
Dwight Witherspoon
Lorenzo Bates
Walter Phelps
Alton Shepherd

We need to revise tribal code, look at all statutes and make sure laws not overlapping and contradicting. I stand for education. We have to speak for constituents. We also need to bring culture and language to youth. Also look at how bring educational values to children so they understand Navajo government and Navajo laws. I’ll focus on those values. There is a need at chapter government for support staff. right now, there are only two staff that work with constituents – chapter coordinator and chapter specialist. we don’t give chapter staff adequate funding and so i’m for increasing funding. we also need to work with farm boards, community planning boards and other local government groups. we also need to address the local government meeting facilities for our people. we also need to respect chapter resolutions. What happens to those resolutions? They need to be recognized by Council and that is also for school boards, district councils too. last week as i was on radio talking to people about activities, an elder told me about how her livestock were confiscated. this is what our people are facing. WE need to speak at state, county and federal government for people. i will not say i am the leadeer. i will represent navajo people according to how council directs me and the people. we also need to address employment, especially for our returning veterans. I am an Army veteran and a college graduate.

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