Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie says young Navajos pushed away by requiring Navajo language fluency for elected officials

Council continues debating Legislation No. 0289-14: Relating to Law and Order, Naabik’iyati’, and the Navajo Nation Council; Amending Language Fluency Requirements of the Navajo Nation Election Code at 11 N.N.C. §8(A)(4) (Office of President/Vice President), §8(B)(8) 5 (Office of Council Delegate), §8(D)(2)(c) (Land Board) and §8(D)(3)(e) (Farm Board)
(Sponsor: Honorable Lorenzo Curley)

this legislation attempts to do away entirely with navajo language. i don’t think hypocritical to keep Navajo language fluency for presidential candidates. i don’t disagree that language not important but requirement is pushing young people away. Sounds good to send out for referendum but we need to settle election. our election is chaotic. we are being laughed at so let’s get people to run.

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