Navajo Council debating bill to remove division directors from review process

  1. Navajo Council out of recess at 3:05 pm.

COUNCIL GOES TO LEGISLATION 0401-17: An Action Relating to the Law and Order and Naabjk’fyatj’ Committees; and the Navajo Nation Council: Amending 2 N.N.C. § 164(B), Agreements not Requiring Committee or Council Approval (2/3) SPONSOR: Honorable Tuchoney Slim, Jr.
(m) Honorable Alton Joe Shepherd (s) Honorable Jonathan Perry


DELEGATE KEE ALLEN BEGAY, in streamlining process, whap would be impact of setting time for president to sign contracts

DELEGATE JONATHAN PERRY, i support. and title 2 subcommittee briefly discussed.

DELEGATE JONATHAN HALE, I support legislation.

CHIEF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL, for delegate begay request regarding president being allowed ten days to review contract.

DELEGATE OTTO TSO, why are we bypassing division directors? why do we hae division directors then? and regarding president, t would make it really positive if president’s office get out whip on division directors.

DELEGATE AMBER CROTTY, attorney general should be kept in review process for review contracts cuz of protection of nation. these are legal contracts.

DELEGATE TOUCHNEY SLIM, we always complain that documents take too long to be reviewed and attorney general can review. this mainly for grants. because of review process he deadlines for grants and contracts are often missed.

DELEGATE CROTTY, i want to make AMENDMENT: shall be reviewed by attorney general and signed by president  my concern is even though subcontracts that council can amend and when ask for legal opinion, we make our votes. i don’t think of individuals in position now but office so include office of attorney general and office of president and vice president.

DELEGATE KEE ALLEN BEGAY, on amendment, this goes back to question. we are adding more places for these documents to stop again and so i asked for timeline for documents to be at each department. when documents go to office of attorney general, we are told that documents delayed because office of attorney general overwhelmed. so there has to be better process to expedite documents. i think contract already reviewed by attorney general office. so ask when appropriate for attorney general review and how much time allowed to review. i submitted documents for two or three days and haven’t seen document for a month.

DELEGATE CROTTY, i have never privileged to be attorney general so refer to attorney general for timeline.

ATTORNEY GENERAL BRANCH, i think as primary statement, just say legislation shocks me cuz eliminating department of justice will subject us to endless amount of litigation and audits by federal government. we are already being scrutinized by outside funding agencies and if eliminate tribal justice department, then not subjecting tribe ot inconsistent requirements. if eliminate justice department then wil be tasked with overseeing audit which take from litigate and to review bills. the other question, in terms of amount of time, depends on documents. for example, with consent degree takes special care so successful in filing appeal. in general for contrats and intergovernmental agreemtns are being timely reviewed. there may be unique documents require additional time. other not require review by justice department cuz not legally sufficient. if docuemtn languishing at justice then let me know so i can  move them.






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