Navajo Council fails to approve Kayenta Township power to waive sovereign immunity

LEGISLATION 0359-17: An Action Relating to Resources and Development, Law and Order and Naabik’fyati’ Committees; and the Navajo Nation Council: Authorizing and Approving the Kayenta Township Commission to Form Wholly Owned Instrumentalities under Navajo Law; Extending the Navajo Nation Privileges and Immunities to the Formed Instrumentalities; and Authorizing the Kayenta Township Commission to Waive the Instrumentalities Privileges and Immunities, Including Limited Sovereign Immunity and the Requirements for Tribal Remedies Exhaustion

Approval of 0359-17 requires two-third vote of Council.

SPONSORs: of 539-17: Delegates Nathaniel Brown, Kee Allen Begay, Jr., Herman M. Daniels, Otto Tso

COUNCL VOTE ON 0359-17, 12-10,  FAILS



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