Legislation addressing Navajo Nation OPVP attorney added to Naabik’iyati agenda

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I’m here at the Navajo Nation Council chambers in Window Rock, Ariz., where the Council’s top committee, the Naa’bik’iyati Committee, is meeting.

When the Naa’bik’iyati was adopting its agenda, they unanimoulsy added LEGISLATION 0176-18: An Action Relating to the Naabik’iyati’ Committee; Recommending action to the President and Vice President regarding the Office of President and Vice President’s Legal Counsel
Legislation Description, to their agenda.

Legislation 0176-18 recommends the Navajo Nation President and Navajo Nation Vice President take appropriate action regarding Karis Begaye’s incident involving a vehicle collision while reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

Council Delegate Otto Tso is sponsoring 0176-18.

Here is the approved Naa’bik’iyati agenda: 24MAY2018_NABI_Mtg_Agenda_APPROVED

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