Even though something looks good, it could be bad

Here at International Uranium Film Festival at Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock, Ariz. The film festival is from Dec. 2 to 4, 2013. It is being live streamed at:

The draft legislation for a Navajo Nation Uranium Commission was created to provide history and hear from Navajo people impacted by former uranium mining/milling. Section 4 specifically talks about Foundations and Considerations to guide our elected official based on Fundamental Law, created in 2002. We must start with Air, Water, Earth, Pollen and those should be honored by commission and also respect and honor and protect every elder, child with clean homeland. Commissioners must understand that each of the Elements of Life have own laws and everything that we see and don’t see are our relatives. There are good and bad things in each element and so there must be balance. Freedom with Responsibility means to respect Natural Law otherwise cause disruption. We did once and we almost destroyed ourselves. We call uranium yellow dirt or yellow cake and it has its own law so if we disrespect then bad things happen. Elders warned us to leave uranium alone because it was dangerous. And so remember that everything in life has good and bad. People thot that uranium looked good but elders say never assume that even if looks good, it cud be bad. If you contaminate one, it can contaminate others. Uranium brings wealth but it also bring contamination.

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