Change Navajo government so effective weapon

Here at International Uranium Film Festival at Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Ariz. The festival is being live streamed at:

I am here to talk about our Earth Mother. She has been abused for many years and it’s not our fault, we with brown skin. It’s the new technology that has hurt the Earth. so we wonder at this time if our Mother Earth can be repaired. Can we do back to where we were? Sometime it feels like it’s gone too far, too late. With all this technology, science – is it too late? I don’t know. But we have a hope, those of us in this room, that it is not too late. My late dad said just because you know something will happen, you don’t stand and watch, you do try to do something. In that way, we stand together. I grew up in south Shiprock and I lost my father cuase of uranium related health problems. And us children, we have been told that we have been damaged because of uranium. We talk about draft Uranium Commission but it seems like we are fighting battle that cannot be won so we need all the weapons we can obtain to fight that battle and one of those weapons is Navajo government. But our tribal government is not structured in way to protect us. It is based on federal government. Brother Noise says that we must defy federal government so let us take as advice and change government so effective weapon.

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