Electricity more important than water

PAUL OREM, general counsel for CAP, Maricopa
200,000 acres of good farmland and taken one quarter of water from CAP. EPA’s BART flawed cuz EPA relied on faulty consultant report.
If NGS closes then go to ground water pumping which violates water code.
TWG designed meet NOx cap but cap unsupportable. Based on flawed affaordability analysis on agri water users and flawed visibility reports, emission controls on SCR controls which have never been achieved.
EPA cannot point to any facilty where performance level achieved.
So EPA must sslect TWG otherwise highly productive go out of prodution and more reliance on groundwater, reduce job protection for Az cities.
Economies of counties significantly suffer.

OTTO SHELL, chairman east valley chamber of commerce
favor TWG BART and urge deference to local operators. Az business community concerned about lcean air and water. believe serious unansered questions about EPA proposal. Not conviced haze exist that nturally occuring and not from NGS. not convice that more stringent EPA requirment is solution.
other polkitical pressures, NGs seriously questioned wilingness to continue NGS under more stringent requiremnt.
Family 1980 farm and survied cuz of ancient wells. Ultimately community organized SRP and CAP to provide water. Modern day electricity as impt as water.

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