TWG win-win for all parties

OMG, pple talking really fast, trying to keep us so notes will be brief! Here at EPA hearings on NGS BART.

Support TWG. No one wants more pollution or harm to Grand Canyon but ned balance: water for farms, crops, people and power for lights and cars get back and froth from jobs and each ones produces NOx. And elected officials have to strike balance between jobs and health. TWG provides that balance and also Closes three stacks at NGS.
We ned commitments far in advance so critical TWG BART supported by EPA.
Water users, tribes, fedral government crated TWG to save jobs and strike balance.

Peabody owns and operate Kayenta mine and provides sole source coal. 90 percent Native American. $50 m to Navajo Nation, millions in scholarships to Hopis.
DOI responsible for Class I had labs analyze and results inconclusive on reducing visibility.
MGS closed cuz of federal environmental laws and test showed closure of MGS didn’t reduce visibility.
SRP developed alternative to keep NGS open.
Peabody support TWG.

SRP strongly supports TWG.
If two out of state owners exit NGS, one unit closed 2020 and SCR by 2030. Time critical cuz require NEPA. Five yr requirement cud close NGS and before NEPA done.

Lot of pple think NGS just one more power plant but plays crucial role. Major employer of Navajo and Hopi. Supplies water to Central Az Project and drinking water to Phx and Tucson.
Seen NGS go thru many expensive modifications. Tens of millions dollars and hundreds of millions of dollars. When CAP created, use hydropower but federal govt wanted NGS.
Not full blown SCR costing billions.

MR. BARKER; Local 266, electrical workers at NGS and other places
At STAKE IS thousand jobs at NGS and Kayenta Mines, generate more than $20 m to state. NGS and mine contribute $13 bill 2020 and 2044.
NGS provides more than 90 percent to move Colo River to Az.
Costly pollution coontrols too costly. NGS and mine families very involved in community.
SRP developed TWG and they met and developed BART alternative.
The TWG is compromise of diversity of perspective on future of NGS. Members of TWG maintain initial positions but TWG is collaboration of diverse group to seek benefit for all parties.
If original proposal stand then TWG not fund NGS pollution controls and NGS wud close.
This is not mutually exclusive thing. TWG win-win.

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