Time for Az more to clean energy

as yong professional suport clean up NGS. director grassroot outreach operation, young pple degusted to hear NGS still in violation of Clean Air ACT. speak for thousands of pple, clsoing down one unit not enough.

Environment Az, work for clean water, air and open space. over thosand members and activits care about clean air and public health. thx EPA for making disucssion possible where facility follow regs where air clean and pure and residents brathe clean air.
for nearly 40 yrs, NGS burned coal at expense of enviorment and residents. Largerst emiter of NOx, carbond diozied and serve impacts on halthe like astham.
less than 20 miels from grand cnayon, haze obscures natural wonder and conres prtecting special places from air pllution and reduce danger exosure polutin.
move Az to clean energy future.
encouraging see cleaner energy but need more support from fedreal govt.
Az supports alternative energy and move from coal to clean energy.
Pivotal time in Az energy future. can clean up coal plants and move alternative energy.

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