Election Board President Charley – Maintain Nov. 4 General Election

Navajo Board of Election Supervisors having special meetings at apache county office in fort defiance, ariz., to address vacancy created by resignation of council speaker naize and the possible postponement of nov. 4, 2014, general election or the postpone of general election for presidency only.

election board member fannie george
we shud be setting a standard and not say that county and state does it this way.

election office wauneka
board has authority to postpone election for 60 days and that is only cuz of printing ballots. the end of 60 days is dec. 21.

election board president wallace charley
we have to make a decision today. and we have to think about candidates. you have to look at voters in primaries. to extend general election, are we violating their rights.

personally i say that we should have general election on nov. 4 for all candidates. we have damaged young candidate, chris deschene. he will not win. and where was dale tsosie? that was the office of hearings and appeals dismissed the complaints against deschene. i was hoping that tribal Supreme Court would uphold OHA dismissal of complaints.

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