Navajo Election Board leaning towards special election for presidency

navajo board of election supervisors having special meeting at apache county office in fort defiance, ariz.

election board member lenora fulton
years ago i recall when election took place without presidential election. we were told that the only time that an election could be postponed is for printing of ballots. and the board postponed election based on then chief legislative counsel seanez’s advice and that’s when the council took the hearing powers of the board away.

i’m support keeping general election as nov. 4 for council and other elected positions and have special election later.

how soon can ballots be printed?

election office director edison wauneka
our printers are on standby and once we give green light, they will start printing and there might be additional costs but the speaker’s office could be asked to assist with that.

we can tell people that walkin to vote can be informed about timeline changes. but its the absentee voters that we are are concerned about.

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