Delegate Tsosie: Why is losses of Twin Arrows Casino in such small print
March 26, 2014 Professional Journal

Navajo Council questioning KPMG about its audit of the 2012 Navajo government operating budget.

Add all trust funds expended and it’s about $14 million. There are students trying to get $100 scholarship. And here we are spending $14 million without return. Why is audit findings of Gaming Enterprise/Twin Arrows Casino losing money in such small print?
There is also big payment on casino loan in 2015. Council never authorized balloon payments which is small payments at beginning and huge payment. Here balloon payment is $57 million from $8 million annually. I don’t know how many balloon payments out there.
If look at personnel payments and layoffs. Personnle went from $98 m to $97 m but look at retirement and pension, which are increasing. I know in NM state which has problem with pension and we are facing same problems.
As before, I’ve never been satisfied with audits.
Let’s take this to pple and have pple vote in pple that they know will protect their money.

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