Delegate Shepherd and Speaker Naize meet privately

Navajo Nation Council still debating Legislation to be added to their Special Session agenda.

And by the way, after I was removed from the Council Chamber by Officer Christopher Holgate, an elderly woman walked up to me and told me that the Council would probably convene after Delegate Alton Shepherd and Speaker Johnny Naize finished meeting. Interesting! And so getting tossed out of the Council chamber had another positive side. If I wasn’t outside waiting for Delegate Katherine Benally, this lady may not have been able to tell me what she knew about this meeting between Delegate Shepherd and Speaker Naize.

It’s not 11:56 am and the Council has voted 15 in favor, 1 opposed to accept their agenda.

The Council is now taking up LEGISLATION 0118-13, which is the approval of $400.8 million worth of Capital Improvement Projects for the Navajo Reservation’s 110 chapters. This LEGISLATION 0118-13 is basically the Five-Year CIP PLAN required under Navajo law for the Council to use 95 percent of the Permanent Trust Fund Interest, which totals about $35 million.

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