Temporarily tossed out of the Navajo Council chamber

Navajo Nation Council special session has convened and the Delegates are making announcements and recognizing community people and chapter officials that are in the Council chamber.

Before the Council convened, i went on the Council floor to interview Delegate Katherine Benally and as I was waiting to talk to her, Navajo Police Officer Christopher Holgate came up to me and asked for my press pass. I told him that I didn’t have it with me and he asked me to leave the Council floor. Delegate Benally asked why and Officer Holgate said that he was directed by Darrell Tso, legislative staff assistant to Speaker Naize, to remove me because I didn’t have a press pass. Darrell Tso walked up and when I confronted him about what he did, he acted like he didn’t know what was going on. I called him a “back stabber” and walked out with the police officer, who said that because I didn’t listen to him to leave the Council floor immediately and made a scene that I would have to wait for Delegate Benally outside the Council chamber. Before I was escorted off the Council floor, Delegate Benally said she would do the interview with me in the Council west chamber, which is where the Delegates have a coffee machine. But after I called Darrell Tso a “back stabber” and told him that that was why I didn’t shake his hands earlier, Officer Holgate said that I would have to wait outside the Council chamber and not in the west chamber or he would arrest me. Well, getting tossed out of the Council chamber was worth seeing the look on Darrell Tso’s face as I called him a “back stabber” to his face.

I also feel good that I didn’t shake his hand when I arrived at the Council chamber. Darrell Tso and Navajo Nation Election Office Director Edison Wauneka were talking outside the Council chamber on the east side. I shook Mr. Wauneka’s hand and looked at Darrell when he held his hand out and said I was not going to shake his hand after what he said to me. I don’t know how many of you know but during an “illegal” meeting of the Council at the Quality Inn last month, Darrell Tso accused me of receiving a Cadallac from the Navajo Times and he said he was going to tell people about it. Quoting Bugs Bunny, “Watta a ma-roon!” Darrell made his accusation after I asked Speaker Naize about the illegal meeting and whether he would be approving $300 stipends for each of the Delegates that attended the illegal meeting.

And the Navajo Times never gave me a Cadallac. I didn’t even get a Farewell Lunch, Dinner, Pizza. LOL!

Well, I’m back here in the Council Chamber with my video camera running, voice recorder in hand, and still camera at my side. Oh yes, I also have my laptop. So stay tuned.

Council still debating the addition of Legislation to their agenda. It is now 11:53 am, Feb. 21, 2014.

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