Default judgement cuz presidential candidate deschene refusing to answer questions

The hearing on the election complaints has reconvened since Oct. 3 and after a closed door session with only parties involved in the complaints. during closed door session, the parties reviewed video tape of deposition of deschene by attorneys fo Dale Tsosie and Hank Whitethorne, who are David Jordan and Justin Jones. The hearing is now on Jordan and Jones asking Deschene questions in Navajo and English.

Deschene is refusing to answer questions. He has said that the test has never been

He may not like Council imposed Navajo language fluently but that’s wheat they did. and for him to say that Whitethorne is a lose is “viciously mean thing to say.”

the depostion showed that he refused to take test and repeatedly told Jones that it was his test and he would not take the test. but the consequences are that if he refuses to answer question then he loses this case.

Mr. Deschene you must answer the question.

can you describe the legislative process in the navajo language.

i said, you are testing me and that is not right.

david jordan
let’s give him another opportunity.

i said, you are testing me and that is not right.

we ask for default judgement

brian lewis
we object.

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