OHA Hearing Officer Nez issues Default Judgement

hearing officer nez
Navajo Supreme Court down with written order, over ruling my order. we down past monday and asked for assistance of Navajo Dine Culture program. Dr. Ancita Benally very helpful and professional. i asked for their assistance in devising test. i know they certify professionals to teach navajo to our children but the test was not for certification for teaching navajo. the test was for deschene and similar candidates in the future for navajo language fluency.

at the time, brian lewis, not there but deschene’s previous attorney agreed. i asked for panel that would be a little more objective to find out if deschene fluent. but then new attorney, brian lewis, refused to have panel pass judgement.

we have viewed depostion and i have heard deschene’s objection on grounds that test that has never implemented and recognized, Justine Jones’ test, and today as started proceedings, Deschene continues with objections.

forced to enter default judgement. i have no choice. i have been pushed to corner by clear and convincing evidence that you refuse to give me opportunity to make a decision.

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