presidential candidate chris dechene refusing to answer questions

hearing officer richie nez said that the parties had viewed the video tape.

richie nez
most navajo courts are conducted in english and so chris dechene’s attorney, a non navajo, has the right to an interpreter.

attorney justin jones
jones is questioning deschene in navajo

chris deschene
answers in english and asys: like i have said this is an unfair standard by Tsosie and Whitethorne and that it is wrong. you represent client that missed opportunity and convinced you and larger body and supreme court to give test that has never given been given so i object to your questioning.

jones continues questioning deschene in navajo and each time, deschene responds in navajo that he cannot

hank whitethorne’s attorney justin jones
can you describe the tribal legislative process in navajo?

dale tsosie’s attorney david jordan
it’s a yes or no answer and we are not going to go onto the next question until we get a yes or no.

deschene’s attorney brian lewis
he has free will to answer the way he wants and then we will send to nez for final ruling.

tsosie’s attorney jordan
for you, mr nez, to allow deschene

chris deschene
he’s testing me and it’s not right

justin jones, hank whitethorne’s attorney
supreme court issued specific ruling and says that chris deshene “shall” comply with court ruling.

brian lewis, deschene’s attorney
not that deschene not participating or not here.

hearing officer nez
for OHA to decide if deschene fliuent, the supreme court gave me a standard. the question is, can you, Mr. deschene, can you describe how a resolution becomes law.

with all due respect, it’s a test that has never been administered. it’s not right, it’s not appropriate. this test is a result of justin jones and hank whitethorne, who is a 15yh place loser so i respectfully decline to put myself in front of whole world to take test that has not been conducted, standarized and taken by other candidates.

there are thousand of students tested in navajo language easier than this. if you walk across to building there is navajo language certification so if Dine teacher or non Dine teacher wants to be certified, they have to be tested. Navajo Tachnical University has masters in Navajo culture and they have to go thru harder test. this is simple conversation. so i don’t understand whole refusal. if bottom line, real simple, then why can’t he just say he can’t. why is deschene dragging out and he’s done with all motions he’s filed.

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