Decentralization: Some chapters afraid

Here at joint meting of Budget & Finance Committee and Resources & Development Committee which continues to debate Decentralization Report from Navajo Nation Division of Community Development Director Leonard Chee.

We spend about $40 million on Local Governance Service Centers and yet the number of certified chapters remains at 34. This initiative is ideal.
Last discussion at B&F is that some chapters are reluctant to move forward. So be it. Let those chapters that don’t want to move forward pass resolutions and say that and step aside for chapters that want to move forward.
As Delegate Tsosie was talking, I noticed that DCD Director Chee was nodding his head yes and so I think he might hold back this initiative so he should reorganize Decentralization Task Force.
There are chapters that are a long ways from Window Rock and they don’t want to come to Window Rock for one answer and they shouldn’t.
WE need to move forward with Decentralization.

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