Decentralization: Chapter coordinators wear too many hats

Still here at joint meeting of Navajo Council’s Budget & Finance Committee and Resources & Development Committee where the debate continues over a report from Navajo Nation Division of Community Development Director Leonard Chee on Decentralization.

First time heard about $2 million for Decentralization Project was with Navajo Department of Justice. And this Decentralization should have properly come from RDC, not B&F. And if you look at Report, we are adding another layer of bureaucracy. And we will have more budget problems next year cuz of new personnel positions which will also have higher salaries than the average salaries on the rez. This is just a recipe for failure. Let’s step back before start spending $ million.
People don’t care. Some chapters have reduced their quorum. People don’t attend chapter meetings because that is not where they get their services.
Regionalization is the route to go. But if take functions of Window Rock to chapters, the reality is that chapters are not prepared and chapters don’t have qualified employees.
And the way to budget is divide budget by 24 instead of adding more positions. WE cud get more police officers, veterinarians. Chapters don’t need accountants. Use internet to have accountants in Window Rock assist chapters.

And usually when there is a new initiative, the Council asks about funding. But the Council already appropriated $3 million. And for chapters, it’s about building local campacity. And for chapters, our chapter coordinator wears several hats. I support employee positions being recommended which wud allow chapter coordinator to deal with government planning. And this is next step to help out. Prez Shelly said he wanted to transition LGA into 16 service centers. So perhaps there is a little miscommunication.
Other thing is I think this is step…maybe shouldn’t say. (laughter) I’m trying to be nice. Delegate Curley wise in asking for local service centers. I see this as big step for change.
I’ve been asking for naabik’yati Committee Government Reform Subcommittee meeting and one was finally set for Valentine’s Day.

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