Decentralization is step back

Here at joint meeting of Budget and Finance Committee and Resources and Development Committee where debate continues on Decentralization Project report from Division of Community Development Director Leonard Chee.

Started in 1990 with government reform but I see us all at nursing homes and newspapers headlines, “Navajo Council still fighting over government reform”.
I recall the creation of states. Attorneys were hired and local government became power hungry.
And if hire attorneys, there’s no housing and they won’t stay. When the going gets tough, they’ll leave in frustration and all end up on Facebook.
Look at Navajo Department of Justice and our own Legislative Counsel Office. Most of their attorneys have left. I applaud legislative counsel Mariana Kahn. She has stuck with us.
And I can see tension between local attorneys and central attorneys.
There is a proposed budget for proposed central services office of more than $50 million that could be used for services. The people want services, road graders.
This will work if all the people are totally dedicated.
I see this as step back.

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