Decentralization: hiring of attorneys and accountants benefit chapters

Here at joint meeting of Budget and Finance Committee and Resources and Development Committee and the debate continues on a Decentralization Report by Navajo Division of Community Development Director Leonard Chee. It’s now 4:40 pm and the Council chamber is finally temperate warm It was freezing when I arrived about 1 p.m.

I support decentralization and I see great benefit of the hiring of an attorney for my chapters, which is part of the Decentralization project. Many chapter projects require contracts that require legal review, which is providing direct services to communities.
And the recommended certified accountant provides greatest accountability and they would not allow chapter to go against financial accountability because a certified accountant cud lose his or her license.
And then there is the question of what to do with Local Governance Service Centers…if there is transition away from LGSCs and there is a need for a transtion, then there could be some cost savings.
And decentralization eliminate everyone driving to Window Rock.
But I don’t know about the qualifications for program manager…that job should include problem solving.
If ask what position get started, I strongly support an attorney and accountant.

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