Coal miners like mole

Coal miner provide for you, lights here. Like farmer, he uses his hand to replenish what he harvests. we are the working pple in northern az. i see some of my brothers and sisters talk against mine but they have families working there. I am Hopi, Navajo, Pima.
when one miner works up there, you can guarantee mass kinfolk stand behind him.
300 members strong in our local
EPA’s proposal puts us out of jobs.
We support TWG but yet you are taking something away from us.
Coal miner like mole, once decides dig he doesn’t come up. Yes, health issue. I hold federal govt responsible.

JUSTIN WILSON, Western Clean Energy Campaign
director, network of conservation districts, renewable energy advocates, applaud EPA. Lot of work went into EPA and TWG about future of energy and jobs.
Coal dirty business. Regional haze not new. NGS knew about for decades and controls wud be needed in future and also many other uncertainties, such as ownerhsip cuz complex and known since cosntrcuted.
knew of ned for new coal contracts.
NGS uusing health and haze as scape goat not tomply.
EPA set deadlines for Four Corners Power Plant.

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