Utilities buying alternative energy

PORTER, Arizonian
demand latest technology be installed at NGS

wearing bright yellow shirt and concerned about climate change. in the future, next generation might have issues but problems felt today. study costs trillions of dollars and study by 20 global govts.
Az Rep Pratt said EPA plauging Az but NGS plaguing Az health.
NGS is tenth dirtiest coal plant in America. Responsible to clean water and air.
Utilities buying wind, natural gas and other alternatives

clean air advocate and there is divide in Az, hear from elected official and 74 percent of Az wants solar and other renewable and not coal to fuel state. Az wants faster clean up. NGS cleaning up in five years wud benefiting those closest to NGS, Navajo and hOPI health.
The reclaimed lands of NGS wud provide enough solar power energy to replace curent power. Coal has brot dirty legacy. there are no guarantees of thousand jobs with coal prices dropping. It is time to act.

We heard from coal miner AND WE shud thank him. We believe that NGS closure wud increase costs to businesses. EPA study concluded that body of research inconclusive in reducing haze. We risk lot of jobs for any perceptable change.

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