Navajo word for NGS is “Big Steel Stove”

Navajo cola miner with Peabody Kayenta. in earlier 1990s, forefather made mark to approve NGS and since then plan changed and EPA created 1970s. If had enough federal funding, we wud be having our own hearing. In Navajo called big steel stove and as coal miners feed stove.
We as Navajos have diverse positions. We provide low sulfur coal and employ 1,000.
Revenues flow thru Az, power and water, taxes. We also have mandate of Clean Air Act. we are aware of other sources of pollution.
Support TWG which also improves clean air.

JERRY WATERS, environmental engineering
Intersted in climate change and biggest challenge of gneeration.
TWG to extend timeline for NOx is not gud for public and influences regional haze and prmotes ozone. By phasing out NOx there wud be cleaner air and so children born after five years wud not be impacted.
Summer Global Warming report was that man created climate change.
NGS NOx shud be cleaned up efficiently as possible and reduce health problems and reduce global warming.

husband is native. i have fren who has ranch, 50,000 acres and cattle and family fantastic job of organic beef and apples. But trees dying cuz of unhealthy climate changes. Dumping coal not gud for climate. Disheartened by discussion by legislator to move into sustainable energy and envision solar and wind farms on Navajo.
EPA enforce Clean Air Act.

i have dream and it is green. I am 11 yrs old. I am 6th grade and want helathy plant with grandkids. My kids have not been included in conversation even though we have the most to lose. I hope someday clean energy, like wind and solar, be available to everyone. Coal is dangerous. If we don’t do anyting to live, polar bear no where to live. Switching from coal and other dirty energy crate jobs. Clean air put more moeny into pple rather than pple who care more about money than enviornment. U must understand cuz u are EPA.
Plez enfoce clean air act.

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