Solar and Wind Farms cannot succeed on Black Mesa

Someone talking about being cloest to power plant and I’m sheep rancher and I’m coal miner who lives at LeChee. Behind every light switch is coal miner. If u don’t want then walk home. Benefits of NGS is great to Az and Navajo Nation.
EPA BART does not guarantee visibility.
BART threatens existenc eof Navajo Nation and fuels 2/3 of Navajo economy. HIgh unemployment, 60 percent. I u go there. For generation, intrusions from federla govt and under BIA. this is another intrusion. Instead of helping pple, hurting pple. U better have solution. Sierra Club proposed wind and solar. Studies show solar and wind cannot exist on Black Mesa.
Grand Canyon is 150 miles away. Haze will be there cuz naturally occuring.

tax payer of Az and USA. like to see resources for good use. EPA BART brings little positive benefits.
Support TWG. Long life has shown compromise.

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