Plez understand what we are facing, not wat you are facing

Coal miner and worked 25 years and impacted when Mohave Generating Station shut down and haze over Grand Canyon still there. Wat overlooked and shame on you is probably due to car emissions.
All disease coming from carbon monoxide and blame on power plant.
Support TWG.

heard impacts to health and environment. Native Az and lived here 29 years. Spent whole life hearing about NGS and how much pollution it emits and to clean it up. Ned do much more to clean up. Clean up long overdue. OUr public health deserve better.

one of big things hearing or one big question ask to pple, where water and power, they not know. But power and water tied to relocation.l am Navajo and economic hostaging. High unemployment pushes us to do wat have to put food on table even coal mining.
reduce reliance on fossil fuel. Some have no right to speak behalf Navajo and Hopi who have to haul water daily.
We are dealing with climate change and economic paradym. We are dealing with relocation and sentencing kids to life of pollution.
elected representative said this is not health issue but for us have to drive more than 40 miles to hospital.
CAP cud go solar. SRP and APS and NGS have opportunity to change and save what little water we have. We need to confront climate change and take care of Mother Earth.

RESPONSIBLE for 320 pple working at Kayenta. And whne closed Mohave Generating Station, Sierra Club promised alternative energy projects to replace jobs. Where are jobs promised. Electricity that printed your yellow shirt came from power plant. Lok at what u drive, smallest stove. I don’t see u ride horse and tie out there. Convience overrules your head.
The fact is is that these are pple that try to make living for themselves and not be at someone doorstep, you got food, money for gas.
From 1868 to now, we have had promises and this reality today is only solution that occured, that feeds us, that educates us, and use to study environmental issues. That is the fact. there is no other way to go.
$380 million housing funds at issue so where put solar and wind farms?
Plez understand what we are facing and not wat u are facing.

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