Elected officials speak for corporations, not health of pple

jOE SINGLETON, represent county organizations
support maintaining underground water and TWG is compromise to deliver water and protect underground water.

owner small store. I think tonight heard corporate interest, Az legislators who represent corporate interest and only interswt is marterial gain, not health effects of pouring poision from smoke stakes.
some pple here asked sicientifice proof but they wud not accept proof cuz deny science or any evidence. They wud say rsult of faulty methodology.
I think their calls for partnershp with EPA is disengenoious cuz want to termiante EPA.
One called “plague of regulation from Washington. sickening to hear him talk about terrany. and another talked about 100,000 jobs and they said nothing to support their own postion.
we continue to burn coal, full of mercury, increased astham.
EPA adopt your proposal.

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