Daily Archives: December 10, 2013

How the Navajo Council voted on $220 m Bond

Here is the official voting tally of Navajo Council vote on $220 million Bond today, Dec. 10, at 1:58 pm. The Council vote was 9 in favor, 7 opposed. The $220 million loan failed because Navajo law requires that it be approved with 2/3 vote or 16 in favor. There are 8 Delegates that did […]

Navajo Council disapproves $220 million Bond

Navajo Council votes on $220 million Bond at 1:56 pm – as lunch is being delivered… Speaker Naize says that 16 yes votes are needed and that there are 16 delegates on the floor. 9 in favor, 7 opposed so Legislation fails to be approved. COUNCIL adjourns at 1:58 pm Under Navajo law, the Council […]

Navajo Council votes down $2 million for Green Projects

Here at Navajo Council special session for $220 million Bond. DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY Delegate Elmer Begay asked about community recommending Capital Improvement Projects and that was done. And then another letter was sent out to Delegates and local government officials for their CIP recommendations. And those were reviewed and included in list of projects to […]

Navajo government needs to listen to people

Speaker Naize is presiding. Council voting on adopting agenda. 14 in favor, 0 opposed. Members of the Council, we are on Legislation 0213. This particular legislation has been discussed so with that I want to take this to Sponsor, Delegate Katherine Benally: I’ve taken a lot of your time in previous meetings and I’ll repeat […]

Navajo Council special session started

As I was waiting for Navajo Council special session to start, I did an interview with Controller Mark Grant, Navajo Department of Justice attorney Marcellino Gomez and Orrick partner/bond counsel Douglas Goe. Orrick, according to Orrick website, is a global law firm focusing on energy, technology and financing. Council started so finish this later. This […]

Still waiting for Navajo Council to convene

Still waiting for Navajo Council special session to start…Interesting time as I wait. Observing Speaker Naize visiting with business people that helped put together $220 million bond. Navajo Nation Controller Mark Grant, who is a political appointee of President Shelly and the Council, is also visiting with Naize and bond business people. According to the […]

No Live Streaming of Navajo Council

Well, Navajo Broadcast Services is not here and so it’s me, my laptop, video camera and Ipad, which I use to take photos…If anyone has a camera to donate or funds for me to buy a really nice camera that has great telephoto capabilities, I would be so very much appreciative. I mention Broadcast Services […]

Navajo Council calls Executive Session during Caucus

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans! Here at the Navajo Nation Council chambers where the Council’s Special Session is about to start and from what I am already hearing from some Delegates, including the Council’s Resources & Development Committee Chairperson Katherine Benally, there will be NO DISCUSSION on the proposed $220 million. And I know why…The Council was in […]