Navajo Council calls Executive Session during Caucus

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans!
Here at the Navajo Nation Council chambers where the Council’s Special Session is about to start and from what I am already hearing from some Delegates, including the Council’s Resources & Development Committee Chairperson Katherine Benally, there will be NO DISCUSSION on the proposed $220 million. And I know why…The Council was in a CAUCUS at the Quality Inn in Window Rock since 8 a.m. and since they were still in caucus when I arrived at Council chamber, I went to Quality Inn where legislative staff told me that the Council, which was in Caucus, was in EXECUTIVE SESSION and I couldn’t go in. I went in and said, “So this is where everyone is!” I was told that they were in executive session so I asked for the Navajo laws that allow a Council Caucus to go into executive session and I also asked for the Navajo law that allows the Council to go into a Caucus. Delegate Leonard Tsosie was asked if he was finished speaking and he said yes and so Speaker Naize announced that the Caucus was over and they should all go to the Council chamber. As they were leaving, I informed them that the People elected them to be PUBLIC SERVANTS and hold their debates in PUBLIC so the People know what they are doing. I also added that if they were using the People’s money to meet at the Quality Inn, where they rented a meeting room had breakfast, that also OBLIGATED them to have a public meeting. Chief of Staff Jarvis Williams kept telling me, ‘It’s alright, Marley.” And I kept telling him, “No, it isn’t.” I overheard Williams telling Speaker Naize that he would pay for the breakfast and so when Williams was standing at the cashier desk, I asked him if the money to pay for the room and breakfast was coming from the Legislative Branch budget. He said yes which means that the People paid for their PUBLIC SERVANTS to meet and eat without their knowledge – much less approval. I’m still demanding the Navajo laws that allow the Council to meet in Caucus and have executive sessions in Caucus.

As I’m writing this Delegate Joshua Butler said that he heard that I was raising “cain” this morning. I told him that I was questioning the Council about meeting in Caucus and in executive session.

Delegate Leonard Pete told Butler, “She came in the room was like Coyote shooting a gun over us. We all scattered.” He was laughing! I laughed too and thanked him.

I’m still waiting for Council and as I wait I have my video camera running…

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