Still waiting for Navajo Council to convene

Still waiting for Navajo Council special session to start…Interesting time as I wait. Observing Speaker Naize visiting with business people that helped put together $220 million bond. Navajo Nation Controller Mark Grant, who is a political appointee of President Shelly and the Council, is also visiting with Naize and bond business people. According to the legislation, if approved and not vetoed by President Shelly, the Council would authorize Grant to finalize the deal/loan/bond. I’m wondering if the Council will allow Speaker Naize to preside over Council when they debate – maybe – and probably approve $220 million Bond because with the criminal charges of bribery and conspiracy hanging over Naize’s head, financial institutions that would secure the $220 million Bond would have HUGE concerns over Naize signing the agreement with them for the tribe’s $220 million bond. But then again, the financial institutions could ask for a higher interest rate and other security from the tribe because of Nazie’s criminal charges, which means the People are also being held responsible for Naize’s criminal charges.

Still no Council session…

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