YouTube Video: Naabik’iyati Committee tables LEGISLATION 0011-14 Part I & II

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I noticed that the initial YouTube video that I posted, Navajo Council tables LEGISLATION 0011-14, which is the legislation for the Council to appoint a new speaker, was taking too long to upload and so I made the initial video of LEGISLATION 0011-14 into Part 1 and Part 2.

Here is Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee tables legislation for Council to appoint new Speaker – Part 1.

Before the Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee tabled LEGISLATION 0011-14 on Jan. 23, 2-14, the Committee tabled LEGISLATION 0003-14, which is for the Council to remove Delegate Johnny Naize as speaker.

Part 1 of the YouTube video of Naabik’iyati Committee tabling LEGISLATION 0011-14 begins after the Naabik’iyati Committee voted 10 in favor and 7 opposed to table LEGISLATION 0003-14. Speaker Pro Temp Mel Begay announces that Speaker Naize has not return to the meeting and so the Committee would go to the next item on its agenda, which is LEGISLATION 0011-14.

Legislative Services Director Tom Platero reads Legislation 0011-14 into the record. Delegates Dwight Witherspoon and Lorenzo Curley make the motion and second to properly bring legislation 0011-14 before the Committee.

Delegate Shepherd presents his legislation.

Delegate Lorenzo Curley is the first Naabik’iyati Committee to make a comment on legislation 0011-14. After Curley speaks in support of the removal of Naize as speaker, Speaker Pro Temp Begay explains that Council would act on Legislation 0011-14 only after Council removes Naize as speaker and so the Committee should also Table legislation 0011-14. Begay adds that Delegate Leonard Tsosie has his hand raised to speak and so he’ll call on him.

Delegate Tsosie says that Delegate Katherine Benally had her raised before him and so he’ll have her speak first. After Benally finishes speaking very loudly in support of Naize, Tsosie speaks in support of the removal of Naize.

Speaker Pro Temp Begay then explains again that the Council would only act on Legislation 0011-14 when the Council removes Naize as speaker. Delegate Nelson BeGaye raises Point of Order that delegates are not commenting on Legislation 0011-14 but on Legislation 0003-14, which the Committee tabled. Speaker Pro Temp agrees.

Delegate Charles Damon II then asks Speaker Pro Temp to rules Legislation 0011-14 out of order, which would remove it from Committee agenda and stop it from going before the Council. Speaker Pro Temp replies that Legislation 0011-14 is already properly before the Committee.

Delegate Kenneth Maryboy then speaks against Naize’s removal and makes a personal attack on Delegate Shepherd, which draws calls from some Committee member to Speaker Pro Temp for Point of Order.

Speaker Pro Temp calls on Delegate Damon II, who is one of Committee members that calls for Point of Order, which prompts Speaker Pro Temp to advise Committee members to speak to Legislation 0011-14, not Legislation 0003-14, which was tabled.

Delegate Witherspoon then makes tabling motion and Delegate Damon II seconds his motion. Delegate Walter Phelps then raises Point of Privelege over questions he has about how Council will address Legislation 0003-14 and Legislation 0011-14. Will the removal of Naize as speaker be addressed at beginning of Council meeting next week or at the end?

Speaker Pro Temp reminds the Council that they have the authority to decide the chronological order of items on their agenda but that it would take a 2/3 vote of the Council to charge the agenda. (NOTE – It only takes 2/3 vote of Council to amend Council agenda AFTER Council adopts its agenda, which the Council does first and by a simple majority vote.)

Naabik’iyati Committee votes 14 in favor, 2 opposed on tabling Legislation 0011-14. Under new Council and committee rules, tabling legislation for the Council does not stop the legislation from moving to the Council.

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