Navajo Council: proposed legislation to EMPOWER the People

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans,
Proposed legislation on the Navajo Council winter session agenda that the People need to know about and support is LEGISLATION 0369-12 AN ACT RELATING TO NAABIK’IYAT!’; REFERRING A REFERENDUM MEASURE ON AMENDING 2 N.N.C. §102. And before I forget, Click on “Navajo Council winter session agenda” and you will be taken to copy of agenda. And if you click on LEGISLATION 0369-12, you will be taken to copy of legislation. Hopefully, you can see that there is changes in Lettering, which means you can access copies of legislation, agendas, YouTube videos, news stories, reports, and other documents by simply Clicking on lettering or words.

Back to Legislation 0369-12, which is being sponsored by Council Delegate Jonathan Nez. If you read Legislation 0369-12, you will see that the Navajo Nation Government Development Commission recommended that there be a Referendum for the People to vote on changing Navajo law that would return the power of the People back to the People from the Navajo Council.

The referendum language for the People to vote on would have the Navajo People delegate to the Council “the authority, subject to certain limitations to legislate on behalf of the Navajo Nation, instead of the current law which mandates that the “Navajo Council is the governing body.” The referendum language also mandates that “The power and authority to govern the Navajo Nation originates from the Navajo People.” And that all powers not delegated to the Council remain with the Navajo People. The referendum also removes the following language: “The Navajo Nation Council shall supervise all powers delegated.”

Legislation 0369-12 has gone before the Council and yes, the Council has opposed it by none of the Delegates making a Motion and Second to have Legislation 0369-12 properly brought before the Council. And so when there was no Motion and Second, the Council passed over Legislation 0369-12 without discussing it and voting on it.

The refusal by the Council to even make a Motion and Second on Legislation 0369-12 speaks Loud and Clear that this Council does not want to empower the People! It also speaks Loud and Clear that the Council knows that the People will approve this Referendum to return the People’s power that the People delegated to the Council because the Council has proven that it is acting in its own best interest instead of the People’s best interest and that the Council is spending the People’s money, like it’s the Council’s money, and also doing the same thing with the People’s resources, which includes Navajo government employees/workers/police, oil & gas/coal/uranium/water/clean air/land, buildings/Council chamber/vehicles, programs, etc. And the Council’s disrespectful behavior is also shared by President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim.

So PLEASE contact your Navajo Nation Council Delegate and talk to him or her, email your statements to the Delegates and media (Me, Farmington Daily Times, Gallup Independent, Navajo Times, KTNN, Navajo Broadcast Services, other radio stations)

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