Where is Youth role in Spaces?

What is space? Online there are 1400 shares on 1491s FAceBook. But where is Space for Youth? But specific to youth born and raised in Shiprock, does national platform fit you. And then nationally, Shiprock identified as poorest county. But I disagree. And perhaps the reason for identifying is that there is a lack of interaction with internet analysis. Do you think Shiprock is poor? One of youth says No. LOGAN SANDOVAL: Where ever you go, you are never poor. You are related to someone and you can find these hubs on social media. And you can show your point of view on 1491s with short video or poem or something.

DISCUSSION GOES TO IDLE NO MORE: Chief in Canada, started by three First Nations teachers in Saskatchewan. Impromtu protest with drums. Protest to protect Mother Earth from exploitation of natural resources. It’s world wide movement. About unity and in some cases reconciliation with white people.
So what does reconciliation mean? Forgive. Be allies instead of stereotypes and racism.
Today is Jan. 11 and last year when created, there was round dance which is powerful. So last year this time, globally social media, Twitter, etc generated a lot of movement and happened here on rez, even at Shiprock Chapter House.
GROUP SHOWS IDLE NO MORE in Farmington, N.M., last year. Hand drummers sing round dance song, Darling, Don’t Cry.

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