Slapping Medicine Man by 1491s

Video that shows humor.

Feedback on Video: effective medicine. Humor is how Indigenous people cope.

Colonialism: Kris Barney – sickness brought on psyche but root word is colony which is to settle by outside force in new area.
Kooper: taking over of land
When colonized, you accept rules not made for you, accepting that you are powerless so you grasp other ideals/values that create colonialism. It’s accepting someone rule over your future, lands. NORMAN BROWN: It’s the highest form of genocide. Not only about land but spirit. When accept other ideals then lose self and then allow God given independence to be taken. And what happening now. We are allowing other powers to rule over us other than ancient Navajo values.

DOUGLAS MILES, artists: They cud not destroy culture. Youthful art always with us. Art is youthful. Support skateboarders cuz out there doing their thing. Nonindigenous pple become afraid of Indigenous art. For example, they wonder why they’re not smiling and why have guns. But after 500 years of gangster art and violence, I’m not going to sit here and smile.

I like aggression. When talking about resistence, Apache Skateboarding art is resistence and a great use of social media. We are trying to preserve ourselves.

He’s re-enforcing stereotype of people of color tagging. Someone else says racial profiling. But he’s making pple think critically about his art. What about his art – there was art of woman with gun and might evoke thots of violence and crime. Remember quote: as Native youth we see many ways and we can see where our parents were and where we are now. There are two extremes but how we see things. There are a lot of brilliant things. How is he seen? And how does his art reflect on us?

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